Power distribution company BSES has nabbed a gang of five impostors, masquerading as the company's employees.

According to a BSES spokesperson, these impostors went to the residence of a customer in South Delhi's Zakir Bagh and after “inspecting” the meter, declared that it was tampered.

“They convinced the customer to settle the case rather than pay a hefty penalty to BRPL. As agreed, the customer immediately paid Rs.5,000 as the first instalment and promised to pay the second instalment of Rs.10,000 after a few days,” said the spokesperson.

The customer wanted to pay the second instalment of his “settlement” in front of his neighbours and had invited a few of them over to stand witness to the transaction a few hours later. “Suspicious of the officials, a few of the neighbours called up the local BRPL official and narrated the sequence of events. On arrival, teams from BRPL Vigilance and the Sarita Vihar division identified the impostors. The police were called in and two impostors, including the mastermind, were arrested,” said a spokesperson.

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