Averring that the fundamental character of Congress was "despotic", Mr Gupta said "the party has been running a dynastic rule in the garb of democracy".

Accusing the Delhi Police of trying to oppress the media in an attempt to cover up its own failures and those of the government in the wake of the recent gang-rape case, a large number of workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party staged a demonstration and sit-in protest at Jantar Mantar here on Sunday.

Led by Delhi BJP president Vijender Gupta, the protesters warned the Congress-led governments at the Centre and in Delhi of “serious consequences” if they would not desist from imposing restrictions on the freedom of expression of the media.

Mr. Gupta said the BJP along with people of Delhi shall foil the attempts of the government and the police to impose an “undeclared Emergency”. He claimed that the role of the Union Home Ministry and Delhi Chief Minister in the entire matter was “not beyond doubt”.

Averring that the fundamental character of Congress was “despotic”, he said “the party has been running a dynastic rule in the garb of democracy”.

The BJP leader charged that the Congress did not believe in “democratic values and freedom of expression” and so whoever raised his or her voice against them was implicated in legal tangles to stifle the voice of dissent.

Former Delhi Mayor Arti Mehra said it was unfortunate that despite the Congress president and Delhi Chief Minister being women, atrocities and crime against women were on the rise. “Women are not safe even during the day time. The data shows that thousands of working women have left their jobs and now preferred to live in their homes,” she said.

Central party leader Rameshwar Chaurasia said while the Government was holding the media responsible for various issues, it was “unfortunate that no action has been taken against any high level police officer or politician” despite their negligence and insensitivity being exposed.

The BJP leaders claimed that the police and the concerned hospital administration were slow to respond in the recent December 16 gang-rape case.

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