The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has announced its plans to go-ahead with its long-pending scheme for bio-cryptic registration of hawkers and street vendors in the city.

Making the announcement, Delhi Mayor Kanwar Sain said: “We will be starting the survey, registration and preparation of bio-cryptic photo identity cards from next month. It will help in creating a comprehensive data base of squatters and vendors engaged in tehbazari and squatting activities.”

The Mayor said there was a need to create a data base of the hawkers and vendors in the City to regulate their activities and licensing system. “It will also help in monitoring their activities from the security angle. The data base so created will be shared with the Delhi police,” he added.

The MCD had formulated the scheme in 2007 to regulate the activity of squatting and vending under the National Policy on Urban Street Vendors-2004 on the directions of the Apex Court.

“The MCD is undertaking work to relocate vendors to address problems like inadequate walking space for pedestrian and traffic congestion as per the directions of the Supreme Court,” he said, adding that the project’s implementation has been entrusted to a Delhi-based company selected through competitive bidding and tendering procedure.

Tehbazari holders and hawkers who have been issued a licence by the MCD will be required to pay Rs.400 to cover the cost of survey, registration, record creation, issuance of bio-cryptic photo identity cards, coded number plate and three-dimensional photographic survey. The charges would be required to be paid by the individual squatter or hawker himself.

The Mayor said the MCD will also carry out three-dimensional photographic survey and creation of bio-cryptic data base including site details in respect of those who have been squatting and hawking but are not covered under the licensed category. The expenditure of Rs.170 per squatter and hawker on this account will be borne by the civic body.

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