Having got six days’ custody of Nitesh Bhardwaj and Baljeet, the two alleged conspirators behind the murder of Nitesh’s father and billionaire realtor Deepak Bhardwaj, the police are likely to quiz them to ascertain the identities of their accomplices, if any.

Police sources said they would also probe how Nitesh allegedly planned to arrange an amount as big as Rs.5 crore that he had promised to give to Baljeet for the murder when he himself was presently battling a financial crisis.

Investigators are also learnt to have questioned Baljeet on whether he was in touch with a film producer to help him transfer money to two of the contract killers through the hawala channel. The producer could also be contacted to cross-check facts.

The chain of conspiracy established so far places Nitesh at its centre. He, according to the police, gave the contract for the murder to lawyer-cum-property dealer Baljeet, who in turn contacted Swami Pratibhanand. The godman allegedly hired his driver Purshottam and two others -- Sunil and Amit -- to execute the killing. All except Pratibhanand are now in the police net. The police would grill Baljeet to ascertain the whereabouts of the elusive Swami.

The police had on Tuesday not given a clean chit to the other members of Mr. Bhardwaj’s family and continued to remain tight-lipped on the matter on Wednesday as well. The family members did not have a cordial relationship with Mr. Bhardwaj, according to the police.

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