The condition of the two-year-old abandoned, brutally battered baby girl continues to be critical, according to doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences' Trauma Centre here.

“The good news is that the child has managed to remain off the ventilator, but her condition has not shown any improvement. She remains comatose [deep unconsciousness and not responding to external stimuli]. Her brain injury has adversely affected her and even if she manages to survive, she will be dependent for life on her care givers,” said Trauma Centre Neurosurgery Department Associate Professor Deepak Aggarwal.

The child was brought to the institute on January 18 with her head smashed, arms broken and human bite marks on her face.

Under treatment

While under treatment, she suffered cardiac arrests and has not come out of her comatose state since.

“Her brain activity is vey poor and she has been clearly physically abused,” Dr. Aggarwal said. Doctors at the institute claimed that people have been coming to claim the child since Friday.

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