The sprawling Delhi zoo, spread over 176-acre with over 130 species of animals and birds from around the world, has brought good tidings.

The zoo has, for the first time, witnessed the birth of two fox pups, which, according to the authorities, are doing well.

The latest additions came early this week. They were born to a vixen brought from Bilaspur zoo about five months ago.

National Zoological Park veterinary officer N. Panneer Selvam said: “It is a great achievement for Delhi zoo because foxes are tough animals to breed in captivity. They have to be provided just the right environment and a comfortable spot to keep their pups.”

“Unexpected bonus”

“We are treating this as an unexpected bonus for our hard work. The pups have not come out of the burrow so far, but we expect them to make an appearance within the next 10 days or so. The zoo now has two foxes and a vixen [which just gave birth]. We finally have a robust fox population,” he added.

The good news, however, does not stop here. Earlier this week, the zoo also witnessed the birth of three jackal pups.

“We have as many as eight to nine jackals, which is another good indicator of the environment offered to the animals at the zoo,’’ said Dr. Selvam.

The mountain goat too gave birth to three kids. “We have examined the kids and they are doing well. The officials are monitoring their health closely. We are keeping a close watch on a hyena, which might give birth. However, a confirmation will be offered only after a full health check-up of the animal,” Dr. Selvam added.

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