Call it the ‘Anna-effect' or simply playing the good Samaritan in times of distress, auto drivers in Central Delhi turned helpers offering free rides to family and relatives of the Delhi High Court blast on Wednesday morning. Among the first people in the city to get the news about the blast, auto drivers were seen criss-crossing Central Delhi helping to ferry relatives and family members of the victims to various government hospitals.“There are several people who had rushed to the Delhi High Court hearing the news about the blast and then wanted to go to the hospitals where their relatives were under treatment. I offered to take them to the hospital free of cost, after all how can I charge a family which is already under so much stress,'' said Mahadev Kumar, who claimed that he had done two trips to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in the morning.

The sudden downpour in the middle of the morning which added to the woes of relatives coming to hospitals saw these drivers helping them again.

“We did help a couple of people who wanted to check for their relatives and after coming to Lohia Hospital then wanted to go to another government hospital to look for blast victims. This is the time when money does not matter and the little good that we do now will help restore the faith of these people in humanity, it is just a noble thing to do. I make money on every trip that is my livelihood but today I have decided that I will try and help the victims and their family members,'' said Kaljeeta Ram who had stationed himself outside Lohia Hospital to help the police, victims and family members.

And while there were auto drivers who had come forward offering their help several Delhiites gathered outside Lohia Hospital to `watch' the activity.

“We are medical representatives and had come to the hospital for work when we heard about the blast ,'' said Shobha and her group of friends who had stationed themselves outside the emergency block of Lohia Hospital.

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