If the pleasant weather over the weekend forced Delhiites to shed their overcoat and thermals, the sharp drop in the maximum temperature to 14 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, said to be the coldest day this winter, had them reaching for their woollens again.

Tuesday's maximum temperature was 6 degrees below normal for this time of the year. The lowest maximum temperature for the season was 16.9 degrees recorded on January 6.

The minimum temperature also dipped to 9 from Monday's 10.5. The weatherman attributed the fall in temperatures to the light overnight rain of 0.5 mm that the city received. The rainfall has been attributed to Western disturbances.

Although the sun was barely visible with fog in the morning and grey overcast skies being the norm for the remainder of the day, there were no major disruptions in flight schedules with no flights being cancelled.

Flight delays

However, there were 13 delays because of the weather and 88 due to operational reasons. Around six flights had to be cancelled due to bad weather at the destination.

The minimum temperature is expected to dip further to 6 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, around 5 degrees Celsius on Thursday and Friday and a slight increase to 7 degrees Celsius on Saturday. The maximum temperature is expected to hover between 18 and 10 degrees Celsius throughout the week.

In the past decade, the lowest minimum temperature for the month of January was 0.2 degrees Celsius recorded on January 8, 2006.

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