Environmentalists here have accused the asbestos industry of having launched a “misinformation campaign” in newspapers.

“We will be registering a complaint with the Press Council of India and the Advertising Standards Council of India against this campaign to ensure that the common man does not get influenced and is aware of the dangers of using asbestos,’’ said Gopal Krishna of Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI).

He added that the advertisements were unethical as they do not talk about the dangers associated with asbestos use.

“Almost every international health agency of repute including World Health Organisation, International Labour Organisation, and International Agency for Research on Cancer, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and American Cancer Society agree there is no safe level of asbestos exposure. We have been campaigning against use of asbestoses and trying to ensure that there is enough awareness about it. While we can’t stop people from advertising we can ensure that the common man knows about the ill-effects of asbestoses,’’ noted a release issued by the group.

The Union Government is yet to issue a complete ban on use of asbestoses in the country but some Sates have taken a proactive stand against asbestoses.

“Even the International Agency for Research on Cancer reconfirmed that all commercial asbestos fibres cause lung cancer and mesothelioma,’’ said Mr. Krishna.

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