Nido Tanian’s post-mortem doesn’t show many injuries: cops

Nido Tanian’s cousin Vinay Kumar said on Friday that the first-year college student was thrashed even after reaching a compromise with shopkeepers in Lajpat Nagar.

“When he began walking down the street along with his friend, two shopkeepers, Akram and Farhan, waylaid them and again thrashed him with the help of around three to four men,” said Mr. Kumar.

Compromise letter

He added that the victim then went to the police and complained about the shopkeepers. “This time, the police called them to the police station and took a compromise letter. Both sides accused the other for initiating the second fight,” Mr. Kumar said.

“As he [the victim] was accusing the shopkeepers of beating him, he was asked by the police to get a medico-legal certificate from any hospital, but he refused it saying he was almost fine and then left for his house,” said Mr. Kumar.

On the other hand, one of the accused also claimed to have sustained bruises and scratches in the scuffle. However, the police denied that a second scuffle took place, saying that only an argument had occurred.

Post-mortem results

The initial post-mortem examination has not revealed “much injury or aberration”, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-East) P. Karunakaran said on Friday.

“The post-mortem was conducted on Friday. However, it didn’t show much injury or aberrations. Besides, internally there were some changes in viscera, and for this the viscera has been preserved and its chemical report is being expedited,” Mr. Karunakaran said.

According to Chief Resident Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh Avinash Mishra, the victim, his uncle and some friends went to a chemist’s shop in Safdarjung to buy a tetanus injection after the incident. After that, they went to his home in Green Park.

Meanwhile on Friday, a delegation of BJP members and student activists met the Police Commissioner to demand action in the case.