Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly V. K. Malhotra on Wednesday alleged “massive corruption” in all the infrastructure projects being undertaken for the upcoming Commonwealth Games and claimed that the Comptroller and Auditor General had found financial irregularities in implementation of various projects.

Addressing a press conference here, Prof. Malhotra said builders and contractors were the ones who had benefited the most from the three to four times increase in the cost of the projects. “Who is responsible for this? Is this not corruption?’’ he asked.

The senior BJP leader also saw a method in the madness. He said first “inordinate delays’’ were caused by the Government in various projects and then in the name of hastening construction activity their costs were enhanced manifold.

Prof. Malhotra claimed that the cost escalation had benefited the builders immensely. “The Delhi Government is now willing to spend any amount of money in the name of national prestige,’’ he said.

He also voiced concern about the “pathetic traffic and law and order situation’’ in the Capital and cautioned that Delhi could face a lot of embarrassment on account of these two problems.

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