The Quality Council of India has granted the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) accreditation for Medical Imaging Services (MIS) to Saral Diagnostics Centre at Pitampura here.

Saral Diagnostics Centre is said to be the first multi-modality health care facility in the country to receive NABH accreditation in the MIS category. The accreditation was granted after taking into consideration various critical aspects, including control of services, personnel, imaging processes and procedures, facility and environment, equipment, and documentation to risk control and safety. MIS refers to medical specialties that use X-rays, gamma rays, high frequency sound waves, magnetic fields or isotopes to produce images of organs and other internal structure of the body.

The specialty aims to detect and diagnose disease as well as to carry out interventional procedures to confirm the diagnosis and treat diseases and abnormalities.

Diagnostic imaging forms an integral part of health care delivery system. Clinical advantages of these services are enormous and affect critical decision making at every stage of patient management. Accreditation standards for medical imaging services were launched in May 2010.

Quality Council of India secretary general Giridhar J. Gyani said: “Accreditation of the medical diagnostic services is the need of the hour. NABH accreditation for MIS is based on optimum standards, professional accountability and encourages healthcare organisations to pursue continual excellence. The formulated standards have focused on statutory compliance, patient and staff safety, improved work flow, learning, self development, improved performance and reducing risk. Its assessment relies on establishing the management and technical competence of the organisation in terms of accreditation standards in delivering services with respect to its scope. It goes beyond compliance and calls for excellence on continued basis.”

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