A notorious criminal has been arrested for allegedly printing fake currency notes and circulating them in the Capital.

Tejinder alias Kake, 35, who has been in and out of the jail several times during the past few years, allegedly formed a gang with Vinod and Alka after coming out of jail in 2007 and started printing and circulating fake currency notes in Vijay Vihar. Both Vinod and Alka were arrested in April, but Tejinder managed to evade arrest.

He was hiding in Punjab for the past several months. He initially worked as an operator of an excavator.

Injured; formed a gang

He was injured in an accident following which he left the job and formed a gang with Satvinder and Sanjeet to commit robbery in Delhi.

He was arrested near Chhatarpati Shivaji Park in Basai Darapur on Wednesday when he came to meet his accomplices. A pistol and two live cartridges were seized from his possession, the police said.

According to the police, Tejinder, a resident of Sudarshan Park, is involved in 15 criminal cases, including auto-theft and robbery, and is declared proclaimed offender in five cases.

Tejinder purportedly told the police that he had dropped out from school and took to auto-theft along with one Parveen Munna to make easy money after driving an auto for a short period.

He was first arrested by the Special Cell in 2000 along with Sanjay, Lalit and Ladi in an auto-theft case. In 2002, he was again arrested along with his accomplices on charges of auto-theft and for planning a dacoity. In 2004, Tejinder started printing and circulating fake currency notes of Rs.50 and Rs.100 denomination after being released from jail. He was again arrested in 2005 and 2006.

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