87 rescheduled for operational reasons; fog affects four

Foggy weather conditions continued to affect smooth flight operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport here for the third consecutive day on Wednesday.

Four flights at IGI airport were cancelled due to adverse weather conditions at the destination and two were grounded due to technical problems, said a press statement issued by the Delhi International Airport Limited.

Though there were no delays due to fog, 87 flights had to be rescheduled due to operational reasons.

The runway visibility range at the three runways was also recorded above 2,000 metre at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

The situation has shown a remarkable improvement since Monday when a dozen flights were grounded and over 150 were rescheduled due to dense fog.

The number of flights operating under low visibility procedure also came down to 68 on Wednesday from 289 on Monday.

Meanwhile, Northern Railway cancelled 29 trains and partially cancelled nine trains till the month-end in view of the safety aspects of the passengers anticipating fog in the days ahead.

Some of the trains that stand cancelled are: Delhi-Saharanpur Passenger (54521-22), Delhi-Shamli Passenger (54059-60), Delhi-Ferozepur Passenger (54641-42), Delhi-Rewari Passenger (54085-86) and Ambala-Bhatinda Passenger (54551-52).

Meanwhile, there was some relief for Delhiites on Wednesday from the bone-chilling cold of the past two days as the mercury climbed up by a couple of degrees. Though there was shallow fog in the morning, the sun came out as the day progressed.

According to the weatherman, the minimum temperature was 6.8 degrees Celsius, up from Tuesday's 4.8 degrees Celsius and one degree below normal. The maximum stood at 23 degrees Celsius, up from Tuesday's 20.4 degrees Celsius and one degree above normal.

The weatherman has forecast mist or shallow fog for Thursday with mercury oscillating between 8 degrees Celsius and 22 degrees Celsius.

The Meteorological Department has forecast 120 hours of dense fog till mid-February, which may badly affect the flight and train services and cause inconvenience to passengers.

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