Her name was mentioned in Geetika’s suicide note

Delhi Police on Thursday said Ankita, whose name featured in the suicide note of former MDLR flight attendant Geetika Sharma who hanged herself earlier this month, will not be questioned.

“She [Ankita] would not be questioned. There is no need for it,” said a senior police officer when asked if Ankita — currently staying abroad according to some reports — could be asked to join the investigations.

Ankita and actor/model Nupur Mehta were associated with a casino in Goa owned by former Haryana Minister Gopal Goyal Kanda, accused of abetting Geetika’s suicide, while the former flight attendant was working there.

On Wednesday, the police had indicated that Nupur could be questioned in the case.

Meanwhile, MDLR employee Shivroop, who allegedly sent an e-mail to Geetika from a fake e-mail address threatening her with extradition from Dubai where she was working for an airline company after leaving the now defunct MDLR Airlines, is being questioned.

The former flight attendant had written in her suicide note that Mr. Kanda, who is currently in police custody, and his associate Aruna Chadha had ruined her life and were threatening her family.

“Suicide notes written on same day”

PTI adds:

Investigators claimed on Thursday that the suicide notes recovered from Geetika were written on the same day though they bore different dates. After an analysis of the notes in which Geetika alleged harassment by Mr. Kanda, the police said they were written by the deceased the same night she allegedly took her life.

There was confusion after one of the notes was dated May, while the other had August date.

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