Seeks “enough time to prepare answers before recording statement” as the questions are “long, compound and confusing”

One of the accused in 2G spectrum allocation scam on Monday prayed the CBI court to change the draft questions given to them ahead of the recording of their statement and also grant them enough time to prepare their answers before their statement is recorded.

Asif Balwa, the director of Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables Pvt. Ltd, requested Special CBI Judge O. P. Saini to change the draft questions handed out to all the accused including him as the same are “long, compound and confusing”.

Balwa’s counsel Vijay Agarwal said the court had on March 27 handed over the draft copy of the 1,718 questions running into about 824 pages to be asked for recording the statements of the accused persons since the prosecution witnesses have already been examined and fixed the matter for April 21 for recording of the statements meaning they have been given only 24 days to prepare their answers.

“...from the perusal of the questions, it has been observed that they contain various references to the documents exhibited and also to the evidence of prosecution witness which has been recorded, and tracing such exhibits and perusing/examining the same is invariably bound to take a lot of time and sufficient time is required to be provided to accused persons for the same,” the counsel said.

He also contended that as the questions are only draft questions, the same can be changed and simple relevant questions be put to them.

The accused also said common questions have been put to all of them even as an accused is to be questioned regarding evidence pertaining to him or found to be incriminating against him.

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