Family and friends of Rajesh & Nupur Talwar call the judgment “negative and biased”

Family and friends of dentists Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, who were present at a local court here, expressed unhappiness and resentment at the judgment which held the couple guilty of killing their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj.

The family called the judgment “negative and biased”, and noted that they will soon approach the High Court “seeking justice”.

Dr. Rajesh Talwar’s brother Dinesh and his wife Vandana, along with Dr. Nupur Talwar’s parents and three family friends were present in court on Monday.

As soon as the judgment was announced, Dr. Nupur Talwar’s parents broke down inside the courtroom. They refused to address the media later.

Talking to the media outside the court, Mr. Dinesh Talwar said: “Though I am deeply saddened by the judgment, I still have faith in the judicial system of the country and hope to get justice. What has happened is a miscarriage of justice. Neither Rajesh nor Nupur are guilty in the case. We shall definitely appeal in the High Court”.

His wife Ms. Vandana Talwar made strong remarks about the judgment being negative and biased. “We thought the system will help us, but everybody, including the local police and the media, turned against us. This is definitely a negative judgment.”

She added: “There is no justice for law-abiding citizens in this country. We waited for five long years for justice at a time when we were struck by a tragedy in our family.”

Alleging that the couple’s side of the story was not heard properly, Ms. Vandana Talwar said: “There is extreme prejudice against us. Minds were already made up and nobody wanted to even look at the facts of the case. I wonder why the trial was even held, when they had to give this judgment”.

Only the Central Bureau of Investigation’s version is being believed , she added.

Extremely disappointed by the judgment, a family friend of the Talwars expressed his anger, calling the judicial system crude.

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