Don’t get surprised if the first call of the morning you receive is that of Arvind Kejriwal. He is the star campaigner and face of the Aam Aadmi Party.

With the Delhi elections over a month away, the AAP strategy is to get Mr. Kejriwal to connect personally with as many people as possible.

The pre-recorded calls come in handy. In his typical mid pitch tone, Mr. Kejriwal declares “main Arvind Kejriwal bol raha hun,” startling the person for a moment, but immediately clears the air and declares that it is his recorded voice.

In his calls, he poses questions and answers them in an attempt to come clean on the question of corruption in the AAP.

“People ask me what if you turn corrupt after coming in power. I want to tell them that I was working as an Indian Revenue officer,” he says and goes on to recount the movements against corruption he led.

“I was part of movements against corruption, protested against corruption and faced police lathis. Then in March this year I was on fast for fifteen days against inflated water and electricity bills. If I had to become corrupt then I would have become a millionaire during service days,” he declares making a pitch for honesty.

Then Mr. Kejriwal goes on to talk about possible allegations of corruption against candidates fielded by the AAP . He argues that the AAP has shown how to implement and practise zero tolerance of people with a corrupt and criminal background.

He stands guarantee for three things when it comes to AAP candidates.

“I want to tell you that we have done deep background check on people we have given party tickets. And I guarantee that our candidates are honest, clean [without any criminal background] and are charitravaan [people with good character],” he says.

Mr. Kejriwal also promises people that if someone presents evidence against any of the candidates even on the last day of nominations, he will be removed.

“The seat can go vacant but we won't allow a candidate without a clean image to go inside the Assembly,” the call ends.

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