They alleged that they were also promised money

As many as five Aam Aadmi Party legislators on Wednesday claimed that they had been approached by the BJP to join it and help form the next government in Delhi. The party’s revelations come amid rumours that the BJP is exploring ways to form a government in Delhi.

During a meeting of AAP MLAs on Wednesday, MLAs including Rajesh Garg, Manoj Kumar and Raju Dhingan gave out details of how the BJP allegedly tried to lure them.

These MLA alleged that they were approached either through BJP’s representatives or by phone calls. They were also promised money for breaking away from the party. The BJP, however, has denied these allegations.

After the meeting, Mr. Garg told reporters: “BJP has approached us repeatedly to break away from the AAP. Even yesterday a man, who said he was associated with the BJP, met me and asked me to leave AAP as it was not in a position to come to power in case of a re-election. He also said that in case I have some demands regarding money he would convey it to the party’s senior leadership and assured to arrange financial incentive for me.”

Mr. Dhingan and Mr. Kumar, also alleged that a Supreme Court lawyer approached them to break away from the AAP, assuring them of ministerial berths and money.

The AAP condemned the alleged attempts by its rival to stage a split and demanded ‘immediate’ dissolution of the Delhi Assembly. The party also hailed the MLAs for reporting the matter to its senior leadership.

“BJP has been trying to lure our MLAs by offering money and posts for the past few days. A leader of the Shiromani Akali Dal and a person identifying himself as a Supreme Court lawyer and an active BJP member have been instrumental in this. These people have been contacting AAP MLAs but to no avail. All the MLAs reported the matter to the party’s central leadership. Aam Aadmi Party condemns this low level politics of the BJP,” said AAP spokesperson Dilip Pandey.

He also wondered why the BJP, which is ruling at the Centre, was so hesitant in dissolving Delhi Assembly and allowing re-elections.

“It’s beyond out comprehension why the BJP is shying away from dissolution of the Assembly and declaring elections. Imposition of President’s rule without any reason is against the spirit of our Constitution and democracy. We demand that the BJP should immediately stop its low level of politics. The Assembly should immediately be dissolved and elections should be announced,” he said.

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