Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Ashutosh on Friday accused Delhi Lieutenant-Governor Najeeb Jung of acting as a “Congress agent”.

The television journalist-turned-politician said: “Anything that has gone to the L-G has become public through the media. Lieutenant-Governor Najeeb Jung is acting as an agent of the Congress and he is trying to malign the image of the AAP Government.”

The AAP leader was reacting to the L-G seeking Solicitor-General Mohan Parasaran’s view on the Delhi Lokpal Bill.

Demanding an inquiry into the “leak”, he alleged that this was not the first time that information had been leaked from the L-G’s office.

Ashutosh tweeted: “Is his [L-G] office involved in leak?”

He further asked how and why a confidential letter between the L-G and the S-G was leaked. “Who has leaked ?? It should be investigated,” Ahsutosh tweeted.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the Delhi Congress criticised the ruling party for Ashutosh’s comment. Delhi Congress chief Arvinder Singh led a delegation of Congress leaders to meet the L-G.

After the meeting, Mr. Singh said: “AAP leaders have no right to defame people who hold constitutional posts. By questioning those holding constitutional posts, the AAP is showing its mentality. Today you have criticised the L-G, tomorrow you’ll attack the President.”

“It is quite ironic that people who were aam aadmis till yesterday are today questioning people holding constitutional posts,” he added.

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