“It is a miracle. I think God gave me a second chance to do something better in life,” says Ivory Coast national Adama, who had a close brush with death while driving on the Capital's roads a few weeks ago.

Adama was involved in a mishap on a flyover in South Delhi when an iron rod pierced through his lung. It also injured his friend sitting in the rear of the car. He was discharged from JP Trauma Centre at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences here on Monday.

At a press conference, the hospital authorities played visuals from initial stages of treatment to the subsequent recovery of Adama. The accident, which occurred in the early hours of April 19, caused the authorities to tow the vehicle with its occupants from the accident site at Chittaranjan Park to the trauma centre.

The images showed a fully conscious Adama with two rods piercing one of his lungs while the car doors were cut and the two men extricated for treatment. The operation lasted four hours with a team of 20-25 doctors. The rods were lodged in Adama's body in such a manner that the doctors had to cut open his torso to remove them.

After seeing the visuals, which he saw for the first time, Adama said he wouldn't have survived the procedure if “they hadn't put anaesthesia on me”.

Adama's friend Cheick, also an Ivory Coast national, was injured in the thigh and was successfully treated in April. He was present at the conference and said to be doing well.

An Ivory Coast Embassy official present at the conference said he was thankful to the hospital and doctors for taking care of Adama. He also said that “Indian medicine is very good”.

Assistant Professors of Surgery Dr. Amit Gupta and Dr. Manish Singhal, who were involved with the treatment throughout, said after the operation on April 19 and skin damage and bone replacement operations later, Adama has been doing well. Dr. Singhal said it was Adama's will power that made the operation a success. He is expected to recover completely after a few follow-up sessions.

Adama is a student at a private university in Lajpat Nagar, pursuing a course in Information Technology. He said he wants to complete his studies. His mother was also present at the conference.

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