The new e-stamping system has a number of technology-enabled features which make it quite fool-proof and tamper-free.

At the time of Delhi becoming the first State in the country to adopt e-stamping for all denominations, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had said that the system would provide a secured electronic payment gateway to the Government. “The authenticity of the certificate is easily verifiable as all e-stamp papers have a unique identification number,’’ she had said.

Elaborating further on the aspect, Inspector General of Registration in the Revenue Department of Delhi Government Nila Mohanan said: “There are a number of security features in the e-stamps and it is nearly impossible to duplicate them.’’

The e-stamps carry holograms and security coding. Plus when they are photo-copied, the word “copy’’ appears on the print.

Apart from this, the official said e-stamping would also improve governance issues as in each and every transaction it is mandatory to fill in a number of details.

This data would be preserved at the authorised centres as also in the central database.

“In the physical papers, it was difficult to keep track of the use they were being put to”.

A major drawback in the old stamp paper was that people used to hoard it and made affidavits in back date with its help. Ms. Mohanan said in the new e-stamping such practices would just not be possible as the system would track their date and use.

But there is also a major issue of concern.

That is the blank stamp papers which are still in circulation and are yet to be exhausted.

As of now there is no mechanism to check how they would be used.


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