Jawaharlal Nehru University will be having, for the first time ever, a film festival dedicated to the “queer,” or those who do not fit into the definition of a heterosexual male or female.

The film festival, “Satrang 2014,” will begin on Saturday with several movies from around the world that is centred on the whole theme of being, “queer.” A new movie on this subject, “And You Thought You Knew Me” will be released around 4 p.m. Other movies in English, Spanish, Bengali, Portuguese and some other languages have been lined up to be screened with the support of the university’s film club.

“The film fest ends with the “March for Love,” in which we intend to walk from the Administrative block to the Ganga Dhaba inside the JNU campus,” said Gourab Ghosh, a student who has been forthright about his sexual orientation and is associated with the film festival.