The 13th edition of the Italian Language Week, which began at the Italian Cultural Centre here on Monday, is trying to forge new partnerships between India and Italy in the field of science and technology.

The event, being held across the country, highlights the strides made by Italy in science and technology and links it with culture and commerce.

The best of Italian cinema and music will be on offer during the week. The programme will explore how the scientists of the two countries could work for the betterment of people.

Speaking to The Hindu, Italian Ambassador Daniele Mancini said that every year his country comes up with a new topic to connect with Indians who are hungry for knowledge and curious about the cultural traditions of other countries.

“People generally associate Italy with the Renaissance and cuisine. There is more to Italy than meets the eye. Through this event, we want to highlight that Italy is the homeland of highly revered scientific institutions and scientists. We have put together tradition and innovation this year,” said the Ambassador.

Italian Culture Centre director Anglea Trezza said: “Italian language has given access to literary heritage like theatre, cinema, poetry, opera and music but also to extremely precious scientific texts, art and architecture. No scientific development in Italy is devoid of its rich cultural traditions.In fact, cultural traditions are reflected explicitly and implicitly.”

As a part of the programme, “Celebrating Women IIC Experience: A Festival of the Arts” will see the screening of “Good Morning Heartache” and “The White Space” at India International Centre from October 17 to 24.

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