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September 21, 2014
Down Memory Lane

Old Delhi just got older

Shahjahanabad was the new city founded by Shah Jahan. There is no doubt about it but the presence of Sultanate monuments in it raises a question mark: Was the area known as Old Delhi already inhabi... »
A view of Arpana Caur's museum
September 21, 2014
Museum musings

Care to share

Very few private museums owned by individuals exist in our city, and we have tried to cover those few we were aware of — Kiran Nadar’s Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and Aditya Arya’s Camera Museum. And... »
Artist Krishen Khanna with his painting. Photo Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
September 19, 2014

Not a pretty picture

Painting has always been a difficult profession. Earlier the method of support was different. The king played the patron. With British Raj everything changed. In Japan, an artist is a national trea... »
“Liveism” by Sumit Kumar Bera and group was organised recently at the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society.
New Delhi, September 17, 2014

Different strokes

Art is not easy to define and an artist’s work is just as hard to appreciate. These aspects came to light during a group painting exhibition, “Liveism” by Sumit Kumar Bera and group, which was orga... »
Specially trained monkeys and its
New Delhi, September 17, 2014
Capital Check

Those were the days...

The Delhi I love, as I once wrote for the British Council’s Keeping in Touch project, is all but consigned to the dustbin of history. But, thank God, there is nostalgia, that wonderful walk down me... »
The entrance of the Hanuman Temple at Baba Kharak Singh Marg in New Delhi. Photo: Shanker Chakravarty
September 21, 2014

A temple and a crescent

Myths and half-truths surround some places of devotion. Some of these claims, even though not supported by history, thrive through generations because they help strengthen our belief in certain tim... »
Suraj Ghai Photo: Sushil Kumar Verma
September 19, 2014

Anonymity for a companion

For six decades, Delhi-based artist Suraj Ghai has been depicting the deprivation of the homeless, amputees begging for alms on the streets of Banaras and the widening gap between the creamy layer... »
A scene from a production at Kingdom of Dreams
September 19, 2014

Just dream on…

It is the power of the theatre to create magic that has lent it an incredible enduring power to survive over the centuries. In India commercial theatre companies with rudimentary devices created mi... »
New Delhi, September 17, 2014

The flame burns bright

In the hustle and bustle of the ‘real’ world, when artists put up performances or exhibitions that take us momentarily out of our mundane existence and onto a different plane, the tendency is to en... »
STRUNG TOGETHER Violin Sisters M. Lalitha (left) and M. Nandini at The One restaurant in Le Meridien, New Delhi. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
New Delhi, September 17, 2014
Table for Two

Slice of life

The Delhi weather is a bit muggy. It has rained recently but when the sun shines it’s hot. Rather like Chennai, perhaps. So the Chennai-based M. Lalitha and M. Nandini, popularly known as the Violi... »

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