The 64th Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam was inaugurated by Baba Hardev Singh near Burari here on Saturday. A vast “township” of tents and shamianas spread over 400 acres of land along the Burari Road is playing host to the three-day Samagam, which is being attended by devotees of the Nirankari Mission and others.

The Baba in his message urged people to shed narrow and divisive thoughts adding that “these evil tendencies flourish because man is concentrated on body and the comforts it needs. Once he identifies himself with the soul and recognises its source – God -- man establishes himself in the domain of truth and lives life illuminated by it.”

The spiritual leader of the Nirankari Mission said, “Man is distanced from man due to “various factors like religion, caste, creed and colour, region, culture, and nationality. This is keeping mankind afflicted by jealousy, hatred and violence. Man's ego and selfishness are shattering families and causing conflicts at social, religious, and cultural levels. He does not hesitate from harming even his own kith and kin for petty worldly gains.”

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