Damage caused by tree roots led to soil erosion

Officials of the Water Resource Organisation (WRO) of the Public Works Department (PWD) on Thursday commenced a war-footing measure to plug a 60 m long breach in the Aliyar feeder canal between Sircarpathy power house and Aliyar reservoir.

According to official sources, 150 cusecs of water was let into the Aliyar feeder canal for filling the Aliyar Reservoir even as the official machinery was expediting the much-awaited mega project for repairs and renovation of the 40- to 50-year-old contour canal that takes the water from Parambikulam to Thirumurthy under the PAP Project.

The Aliyar feeder canal was used by the authorities for diverting the water to Aliyar as the contour canal remained closed for renovation.


Till Monday night, the 150 cusecs discharged from Sircarpathy power house reached the Aliyar reservoir and following a dip in water realisation, inspection of the canal for the 14 km length led to the identification of the breach caused by tree roots leading to soil erosion and damage to the canal.

The Aliyar Reservoir at present has 56 ft water as against the Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of 120 ft.

The present storage was taking care of the drinking water needs of the public coming under the Ambarampalayam water supply scheme for Pollachi and 15 other comprehensive water supply schemes including the one for Kurichi and Kuniamuthur in Coimbatore City.

At this juncture, fall in realisation of water by 150 cusecs is likely to make things difficult for the water supply managers.

However, the PWD officials who commenced the work on Wednesday are expected to complete the same and enable the resumption of releasing water from Sircarpathy to Aliyar.