Getting just a pot of water has become an ordeal for the residents of Vaiyapuri Chetty Street in ward 38 in Ammapet Zone in the city.

Once a week or fortnight, a water tanker brings water for them. But it is not sufficient.

They claim that they will be supplied with one or two pots at the maximum.

“How can we live with just two pots of water for a week?” asked a woman.

They say they are cursed people. “Whenever Corporation chooses to supply water through pipeline, power cuts will deter the supply,” said another.

Thus the 150 weaving families are leading a life of much struggle, searching for water every day.

Many of the children and women spend most of their time for it, which has become a precious commodity.

They demand more water for themselves, to meet their needs. The people urge the civic body to redress their genuine grievances as early as possible.

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