Water from the Krishnagiri Reservoir Project (KRP) Dam was released from the right and left main canals for the second crop on Saturday as per the orders of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Friday.

Minister for Municipal Administration and Rural Development K.P. Munusamy opened the sluice gates of the canals in the presence of the Collector C.N. Maheshwaran.

Mr. Munusamy said that a total of 9,012 acres of agriculture land in 16 villages would benefit for the next 120 days through 26 irrigation tanks on the course of the canals.

A total of 4,287 acres in the ayacut of right main canal and the small lakes on the way and 4,725 acres in the ayacut of left main canal and the lakes on its way would be irrigated.

Periyamuthur, Sundekuppam, Thimmapuram, Soutaalli, Thalialli, Kalvealli, Kundalapatti, Mittaalli, Erraalli, Penneswaramadam,

Kaveripattinam, Balekuli, Marichettihalli, Nagojanaalli, Janapparuralli and Paiyur would benefit from the dam water.

Mr. Munusamy has urged the farmers to use water judiciously so that the tail-end farmers would also get water.

Water level

Water level in the KRP Dam stood at 50.80 ft as against its full height of 52 ft. Water released through both the canals was 180 cft per second.