In its efforts towards improving waste collection and transportation, the Coimbatore Corporation would study the Warangal model of waste management, said Commissioner G. Latha.

Speaking to reporters at the end of a slide show presentation at the Corporation Kalaiarangam in the city on Tuesday, she said that the Corporation would study how the Warangal Municipal Corporation had gone about sharing revenue obtained from selling dry waste.

The Warangal civic body had implemented a scheme wherein it allowed the conservancy workers to weigh and register the dry waste they had collected and then sell the same. The money obtained therefrom would be spent on the workers.

Ms. Latha said that if the Coimbatore Corporation were to adopt the model, it would first need the State Government’s sanction and then the laws required to implement the scheme.

At present the civic body did not have the required rules under which it could implement the scheme.

Ms. Latha also said that the Corporation had to also study the manner in which the Warrangal local body had tied-up with various agencies to process wet and dry wastes.

Her understanding was that the workers would sell the dry waste to the agencies and give the wet waste as well for it to be converted to manure. Mayor S.M. Velusamy said that though the Corporation was doing well, it had to do better.

It had to improve its waste collection and in doing so it needed the support of the conservancy workers.

The workers should love the city and their job and only then would they be able to maintain the city clean. He also spoke about the measures the Corporation had initiated for the workers’ welfare.

M.J. Muthukumaraswamy of Clean Cities Foundation, who made the slide show presentation, said that the reasons behind the success of Warrangal model of waste management was that the conservancy workers decided where to place bins and how to about implementing the scheme.

They designed the route chart and took up responsibility. And, two, they became stakeholders in the system as they gained from selling dry waste.

His colleague Sanjay Gupta was also present.


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