Residents of Vellalore under the ‘Vellalore Kuppaikidangu Ethirpuk-kuzhu’ have written to the Chief Minister demanding shifting of the Coimbatore Corporations dump yard from the place.

They said that the land the Corporation bought in 1982 for growing fodder for cattle had now turned into a dump yard after 2000. Since then, the area had become highly polluted – the groundwater had turned unusable and the air was filled with odour. Medical waste was also being dumped there.

The residents had written to the authorities concerned, including those from the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board but no action had been taken. The officials were hand-in-glove with the dump yard managers, leaving the residents in the lurch.

Keeping in mind the interests of the hundreds of people who live there, the Government must immediately shift the dump yard from Vellalore, they demanded.

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