Display board spots vegetables

Unlike tiffin items where the customer knows the variety of food item that they are going to have, the vegetables used in dishes for lunch is not known until it is served.

But taking exception to it, a popular hotel in the city is attracting customers with its now famous display board which has the name of the vegetables used for each dish replaced with a real sample of the vegetable itself.

If carrot dish is served, then a carrot is displayed on the board. Display board outside the hotel makes the customers know the items and variety of broth, vegetables that are used for side dishes. Tourists from Karnataka to Yercaud find it difficult in identifying the vegetables served with rice.

Hence, instead of displaying the name of the dishes in multilanguage, we thought of displaying the vegetables so that language would not be a barrier, says Managing Director of the hotel S.Jaibharath alias Babu.

He said that the idea evolved from his school days where science objects are displayed for easy understanding.

“The result was encouraging”, he added. It is almost three years now that the display of vegetables was being carried out everyday.

He added that many who do not eat or like vegetables have started to become a regular at the hotel as they feel confident in the freshness of the vegetables.

The board is kept for display between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. everyday.


He says he has plans to add other items on the display board such as the type of oil and other ingredients used. in the coming months.

Another message at the entrance of the hotel is that, ‘if you had a good time eating at the hotel, ring the bell and encourage us’. A long-time customer S. Kadirvel (45) of Alagapuram said that since he did not like few vegetables, he opted for variety meals for lunch.

“But I prefer lunch when my favourite dishes are on display”, he added. Display of vegetables would encourage people to prefer vegetarian foods, he added.

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