The retail price of sugarcane remains on the upswing in city markets

Come Pongal, the one thing that always threatens to trouble people is the cost of vegetables. Well, 2013 may be an aberration, if vegetable vendors are to be believed.

According to A. Subramani and S. Akbar Althaf, members of the Kovai Mavatta Anna Motha Kaikari Vyabarigal Sangam (an association of wholesale vegetable vendors’ association), there is no abnormal increase in vegetable ahead of this year’s Pongal season.

The retail price of edible sugarcane, an integral part of Pongal festivities, remains on the upswing in the city markets.

The wholesale market has had a good inflow of country vegetables, which people buy for Pongal. Any increase, is only normal.

They say that the price of big onion varies from Rs. 15 – 20 a kg depending on quality, small onion from Rs. 25 – 32 a kg, ‘apple’ tomato and country tomato Rs. 12 a kg each, chilli from Rs. 20 – 25 a kg, potato from Rs. 20 – 25 a kg depending on quality, cabbage from Rs. 10 – 12 a kg, beans from Rs. 20 – 35 a kg, broad beans (avarakkai) Rs. 30 – 35 a kg, sweet pumpkin Rs. 5 a kg, brinjal Rs. 25 – 35 a kg, pumpkin Rs. 8 a kg.

The aforementioned prices are wholesale they say and add that the prices in the retail market will vary only marginally.

After Pongal there is bound to be an increase in prices of vegetables as the inflow will gradually reduce. In the retail market, there has been a good inflow of turmeric plants, neem leaves and flowers that are used to usher in prosperity in homes.

The cost of sugarcane was slightly higher a couple of days ago, says vegetable dealer K. Prabhu, adding that on Sunday it, however, went down. A bunch of sugarcane ( 15 – 20 pieces) was sold around Rs. 250 – Rs. 350 a couple of days ago. It has come down by Rs. 100.

He adds that the Coimbatore markets have got their sugarcane from Pollachi.

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