Arrivals will increase since Sankranti is over

After almost a year, vegetable prices in the city have started declining and are expected to drop further next week.

M. Rajendran, president of Thyagi Kumaran Market Vegetable Merchants’ Association, told The Hindu on Thursday that wholesale prices of big onion was more than Rs. 60 a kg till the end of last November. The prices dropped by Rs. 30 a kg last month and now it is Rs. 14 a kg.

Coimbatore gets its supply of big onions from Karnataka and Maharashtra. The arrivals from Karnataka are over and it is now from Maharashtra. Farmers in Maharashtra are selling at nearly Rs. 8 a kg and are demanding measures by Government for better prices.

The arrivals will increase since Sankranti is over and wholesale prices here are expected to fall further.

If the prices go down, traders here might reduce the purchase as it will not be viable, he says. Price of big onion is not expected to go up till August.

In the case of small onion, the wholesale price in the city is Rs. 18 to Rs. 22 a kg. Most of the gourd varieties are less than Rs. 10 a kg (wholesale price).

Except for lemon, onion, and potato, most of the vegetables are sourced from different parts of the State. Only the price of drumstick is high (Rs. 180 a kg and retail prices will be higher). Drumstick prices are usually high in January. This year, availability is also lower.

Arrivals of vegetables to the Coimbatore market reduced during the last three days because of Sankranti. It will go up from next week, he said.

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