RDO orders inquiry

The Revenue Divisional Officer (Dharapuram), R. Alagumeena, on Tuesday ordered health department officials to investigate into the complaint of worms found in a baby food product purchased from a medical shop. Ashwini (2), a resident of Dharapuram, developed complications after she consumed the baby food.

K.R. Jawaharlal, designated officer, Food Safety and Drug Administration department, said another tetra pack containing the same brand of food product from the same batch had been picked up from the shop and sent for testing. “We have also asked the distributor of the said brand, located in Coimbatore, to recall all the food products sold from the same batch as a precautionary measure,” he added.

The health officials said that only the test results could prove the reasons for the contamination of the product.

With regard to this news item, Tetra Pak has issued the following clarification:

“The most common misuse of our trademarks noticed is ‘tetra pack’. Correct usage is Tetra Pak package or Tetra Pak. The word, 'tetra pack' can be confused with the company, Tetra Pak. Due to high penetration of Tetra Pak packaging, any paper-based packaging is mistakenly considered to be a Tetra Pak carton.”

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