Crime occured on Gopalasamy Kovil Street at around 11 a.m.

Big Bazaar Police have arrested two youths on charges of robbing a goldsmith.

Police said that they have taken into custody Sudheesh (29), and Ritheesh (31), on charges of waylaying goldsmith B. Girish on Saturday morning.

The incident happened on Gopalasamy Kovil Street around 11 a.m.

Police said that Ritheesh waylaid Mr. Girish when he was on his way to a friend’s place to transact business.

Tipped off

He had done so thinking that Mr. Girish was carrying gold. He had been tipped off by his friend and Mr. Girish’s employee Sudheesh.

Police said that Ritheesh managed to rob Mr. Girish of only Rs. 1,000 as prior to departure the latter had handed over gold weighing 100 gm to another employee.

Police said that, based on a complaint from Mr. Girish, they arrested the two at Ukkadam, when they were about to board a bus to Kerala. The two accused hailed from Velur, near Trichur.

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