‘Panchayat presidents should ensure effective water management’

A kit developed by the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board for checking the quality of water at the field level was demonstrated to village panchayat presidents, secretaries and health workers at the Collectorate on Friday.

District Revenue Officer and Collector in-charge K. Karpagam said that the village panchayat presidents should ensure effective water management as there was a pertinent need to provide quality drinking water supply to people.

Water borne diseases

Mixing of sewer with drinking water often led to cholera and other water borne diseases, which were high at times of monsoon.

Even good potable drinking water, if stored without a lid, would become a breeding ground for Aedes aegypti mosquitoes which spread dengue. Water meant for public consumption should have to be subjected to quality check either at the laboratory or at the field level.

Taking this into account, the TWAD Board had devised the kit which was easy to use for assessing the value of contents present in the water.

The kit could be easily used by the panchayat level officials, members of self-help groups, schools, and a system of monitoring water quality should also be evolved.


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