The GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) — 108 Ambulance Service — has launched training programmes to handle medical emergencies in residential apartments in Coimbatore.

A couple of programmes have already been conducted to residents on how to safely evacuate the persons in medical emergency.

H. Mohan, Regional Manager (Western Region), GVK EMRI-108 Ambulance Services, told The Hindu here recently that residents of apartments and gated communities could benefit from the basic life support training as awareness of proper procedures could save lives.

If a person who has had a heart attack or a fall were to be removed in an improper position, it will worsen the victim’s condition and result in permanent paralysis or even death. He said that if a person had suffered a fall, the person must be completely immobilised and transported only in a spine board to which the patient can be strapped, to ensure that none of his or her body parts moved.

Similarly, if someone is suspected to have suffered a heart attack, he/she must be made to rest. If they are forced to walk, it will be a strain on the heart that is already suffering from lack of oxygen. It can prove fatal.

While 108 ambulances were predominantly used for road traffic accidents and transporting pregnant women, he said the emergency medical technicians have been training in handling a wide range of emergencies. All its ambulances had three specialised stretchers to be used in different situations.

Further, they were equipped with instruments such as like pulse oxymeter, suction apparatus, nebuliser, blood pressure check apparatus and glucometer besides all emergency care medications, oxygen cylinders and IV Fluids.

Mr. Mohan said that the ambulance staff was also conducting training at schools and colleges on basic first aid procedures. Those interested in conducting such programmes could contact the ‘108’ ambulance service by either e-mail — or send an SMS to the following mobile no: 96290 32108.

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