Traffic police personnel are the first respondent to road accidents and if well-trained they can save many lives on roads, City Police Commissioner Amaresh Pujari said here on Wednesday.

Inaugurating a two day workshop on “First-Aid Skills” for traffic enforcement and investigation personnel, jointly organised by Indian Red Cross Society and PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (PSGIMR), Mr. Pujari said that survival of road accident victims depend on the swift action taken by the respondents either in providing first aid or safe transportation of the victim to the hospital especially during the golden hour.

Noble cause

There is no other noble thing than saving a life and traffic police personnel are vital in saving many lives, Mr. Pujari added.

Thomas V. Chacko, Head of Department, Community Medicine, PSGIMR, said that victims need faster help which depends on communication, infrastructure such as transportation to the hospital. But the respondent should ensure that no further harm happens to the victims. Mishandling an accident victim could further harm the victim leading to permanent disability, especially if the person had suffered a severe fracture.

The two-day workshop will have sessions on live emergency first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) demonstrations, both by doctors and traffic police personnel and Road Traffic Accidents – first aid skills for saving lives. As many as 60 personnel, both men and women, participated in the first day workshop, while another 60 personnel will undergo training on Thursday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police T. Senthilkumar (Crime and Traffic), Nandhini Rangasamy, chairperson, Indian Red Cross Society, Shameen Akthar, Medical Officer-In charge, PSG Urban Health Centre and trainers participated.