‘Corpn. failed in segregating waste, manufacturing compost and controlling fire’

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, Coimbatore, after the October 6 Vellalore dump yard fire, has recommended “suitable action” to its head office in Chennai.

Sources there said that as field officers they could only recommend action and it was for the Board and its Chairperson to decide what action to initiate.

The officials said that they found that the Corporation had failed in segregating the waste, manufacturing compost out of the degradable waste and controlling the fire.

Meanwhile, the results of the air quality test ‘Ambient Air Quality Survey’ the Board conducted at the request of the Kurichi-Vellalore Pollution Prevention Action Committee showed that the level of suspended particulate matter was way above the permissible limit. While the permissible limit was 200 microgram per cubic metre, the recorded level was 2,575. Likewise, the respirable suspended particulate matter was 130 microgram per cubic metre as against 100 mg/m.

As for gaseous pollutants, the level of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide was way below the permissible limit. As against 80 mg/m, SO and NO recorded 15.8 and 70.3 respectively.

The Board conducted the Survey at five places in the north, north-east, east, south-west and west for about eight hours on October 7. At the time of the Survey, the maximum temperature was 32.4 degree centigrade and minimum 25.4 degree centigrade.


The level of pollution could create bronchitis because of the high level of particulate matter. Those exposed to the smoke-filled air could also develop asthma and lung disorder, said an ENT surgeon. He also said that silica, asbestos and other such materials in the matter could get settled in the lungs posing problems in the long time. Others would get metabolised and exit the body, he added.

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