Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has urged the public to inform it prior to taking up excavation works on the road sides.

An underground electricity cable was damaged near Sungam on Monday morning during works carried out on a site. This led to power disruption in the area for nearly five hours.

An official of the board told ‘The Hindu' that this was the third such incident in the city during the last 10 days. The board moved the electricity cables underground on Avinashi Road and Trichy Road a few months ago. The cables were laid at five feet depth. Power supply was restored in Sungam area on Monday by making alternative arrangements and the damage was repaired by evening.

The official said there were water pipes and communication lines too underground.

Those taking up work on road sides should inform the TNEB officials so that they could identify the electricity cable path. This would help avoid damage and power disruption and was also an important safety measure.

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