The Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has asked farmers growing lady’s finger to go for sowing popular varieties / hybrids of the vegetable depending on the rice forecast. In Tamil Nadu, the crop is sown from June to August (Adi pattam) and in February (Thai pattam).

The price of ‘bhendi’ in major markets in Tamil Nadu in July was between Rs. 25 and Rs. 30 a kg. Arrivals start in September and are expected to reach a maximum during October.

The price then is expected to be around Rs. 25 a kg in the Coimbatore wholesale market and approximately Rs. 22 a kg in the Ottanchatram wholesale market.


The price of brinjal in Ottanchatram market during July 2013 was around Rs. 28 a kg.

In Adipattam, the sowing has begun and arrivals will reach a maximum during October.

Due to such arrivals in October, farmers can get nearly Rs. 17 a kg in the Ottanchatram market and Rs. 24 a kg in the Coimbatore market.

It is cultivated in December-January (Thai pattam) and April-May (Chithirai pattam).

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TNAU sends SMS to farmers on vegetable prices January 11, 2011

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