The forecast is to enable farmers take sowing decisions for getting better prices

The Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has forecast the price of some crops that will be sown in the Karthigaipattam (second fortnight of November).

According to a release, this is to enable farmers take sowing decisions for getting better prices.

Bajra (cumbu)

The present price of cumbu in the Kovilpatti market is around Rs. 15 a kg.

Based on the last 17 years price of cumbu in the Kovilpatti Regulated Market, it has been forecast that it would be around Rs. 1,300 a quintal in February-March 2014.

Cumbu is sown as a Rabi crop in Tamil Nadu and sowing starts in November. Trade sources revealed that there was a shift towards maize crop during 2012 because of its good market price.

Bengal gram

Price of Bengal gram is expected to be around Rs. 4,000 a quintal during February-March 2014.

Last year the price during harvest was around Rs. 3,600 per quintal.

In Tamil Nadu, it is sown only in the Karthigaipattam. Udumalpet market is one of the main markets for Bengal gram and hence the price data for the last 10 years were analysed here. Present price at the market is Rs. 4,450 a quintal.


The price of coriander at Virudhunagar market during February-March 2013 was Rs. 5,500 a quintal. The prevailing price was Rs. 10,000 a quintal.

It is forecast that the price of coriander in February-March 2014 will be Rs. 8,500 a quintal.


Harvesting stage of coriander is most important and harvesting when the seed turn golden brown will fetch a better price.

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