The Tirupur North police station premises is an eyesore for the people as hundreds of rusted vehicles, kept in a shabby manner with some seen one above another, had been occupying the major portion of the parking area for the past many months.

Some of the seized vehicles, even after the disposal of respective cases, are lying there for many years because the police administration had taken very little effort to move away or relocate the corroded vehicles.

Apart from taking away a good portion of the parking space, the vehicles are becoming a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes with rainwater getting stagnated inside the body as well as on the deflated/damaged tyres.

Making the matters worse for the hundreds of people who walk in with petitions and grievances to the police station, the busiest station in the district, the police officials recently have restricted the parking of vehicles on the station premises for want of space.

To stop the entry of the vehicles of non-police personnel, three women police personnel could be seen standing at the entrance. This wastage of manpower is happening at a time when the district police had been badly looking for more strength.

Some of the petitioners pointed out that since the station was located at a busy and congested location, the entry restrictions for the vehicles were forcing them to park their two-wheelers and cars at far-off places.

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