Communist Party of India-Marxist nominee and MP P.R. Natarajan Natarajan said that the crowning jewel of his term was the establishment of the ESI Medical College in Coimbatore.

Communist Party of India-Marxist nominee and MP, Coimbatore, P.R. Natarajan, CPI- Marxist-Leninist member D. Chandran and Tamil Nadu Toddy Movement member T. Srinivasan filed their nomination papers before the officials concerned on the first day of the period allowed for filing nominations.

Mr. Natarajan and Mr. Chandran filed their papers before Archana Patnaik, Returning Officer, Coimbatore Parliamentary constituency and Collector, Coimbatore. Mr. Srinivasan filed his papers before Rashmi Sidharth Jagade, Principal Assistant Returning Officer, Pollachi Parliamentary Constituency, and Sub-Collector, Pollachi.

Mr. Chandran, a commerce graduate, declared that his annual income was Rs. 3.09 lakh, he was not convicted by courts in offences where the punishment was more than two years, he had no pending cases, his movable assets was Rs. 1.05 lakh, his wife’s movable assets was worth Rs. 4.32 lakh, the value of his immovable assets was Rs. 28 lakh.

Mr. Natarajan put his annual income at Rs. 8.15 lakh and that of his wife at Rs. 6.58 lakh.

His movable assets amounted to Rs. 3.14 lakh and his wife’s Rs. 7.61 lakh.

His immovable assets were valued at Rs. 6 lakh and that of his wife at Rs. 24.5 lakh.

He also declared that he had a case pending against him with the Sulur Police under Sections 143 (unlawful assembly) and 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant).

In Pollachi, Mr. Sreenivasan said that his movable assets had been valued at Rs. 17.18 lakh, his wife’s at Rs. 60,000. And, his immovable assets at Rs. 1.31 crore and his wife’s at Rs. 83 lakh.


Mr. Natarajan speaking to reporters after filing his nominations said he would campaign with pride in heart and by highlighting his achievements in the past five years. Mr. Natarajan said that the crowning jewel of his term was the establishment of the ESI Medical College in Coimbatore. It was a second for the city and had come with the special reservation of 20 per cent for the wards of those who hold the ESI card. The cost of the medical college and hospital was Rs. 600 crore.

If voted to power, he promised to work for the protection of the micro, small and medium industries and introduction of metro train service in Coimbatore.

Tirupur Staff Reporter adds:

A. M. Sheik Davood (50), a tailor from Anthiyur, filed his nomination papers as an Independent candidate. He said he is contesting for the fifth time to the Lok Sabha.

Mr. Davood told The Hindu that he had the dream of making to the Lok Sabha and represent the day-to-day problems faced by the common people here which the elected representatives had failed to address once they make to the floor of Lok Sabha.

He did not have a house, any vehicle or a healthy bank balances.

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