They have so far been responsible for according a dignified burial to the abandoned and unclaimed bodies. After years of doing this, the members of the ‘Thozhar Trust’ want to extend this dignity to the abandoned ill who are on the verge of death.

Nine years on and burying 1,850 bodies later has only made them want to do more for the abandoned. And, this time they do not only want to do more for the abandoned dead, but also for the abandoned ill who are nearing death.


The members have been deeply moved after seeing elderly persons who have been abandoned on the roads, outside the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH) or even in its wards, to die an unhappy death. This has spurred them on to establish a hospice to enable these people die a peaceful death by providing them a clean bed in a clean surrounding.

According to Managing Director of the Trust P. Shanthakumar, many elderly people who have lost control of their toilet habits or the movement of their limbs are those who are mostly abandoned by the family members. “There are many occasions when we know a person on the street or in the corridors of the CMCH is counting his days and just let him lie there because there is nowhere you can take him. The hospice we want to establish will take in these people”.

The members plan to inform the police before removing these people from the roadside or from the CMCH premises. On their demise, the police will be informed before the Trust will arrange for the burial.

Retired staff of CMCH who have been involved in handling elderly and other patients who had been immobile or terminally ill are being planned to be roped in for taking care of the inmates of the hospice.

The Trust is on the look out for some residential space, a little away from the city, for an affordable rent, where at least 15 such abandoned ill can be housed.

The ‘Thozhar Trust’ can be reached on 98422-67700 / 98422-51523.

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