Do not fall prey to criminals engaged in cyber crimes, City Police Commissioner C. Sylendra Babu has said.

The number of people indulging in such crimes and number of people getting cheated are constantly on the rise. There are many victims who prefer not to approach the police with a complaint.

The main manner of cheating is by sending e-mails or SMS stating that one has been chosen for an award worth crores of rupees.

If one responds to such messages, the next step is to make her pay various charges – courier charges, NOC charges, customs clearance charges, diplomat bribery.

Another method is to offer jobs and collect money for processing passport, clearance charges, document charges, medical check up fee and so on.

There are also instances where logos of major banks are used to send e-mails asking account holders to update their account details including password.


Credit/debit card details are also obtained through bogus mails. The police have asked traders to verify signature before using credit/debit cards.

It is always better to check with the sender, the veracity of emails or messages before acting on them even if they come from a known contact, the commissioner says.

He says caution should be exercised while dealing with e-mails or messages announcing fabulous discounts on prices or offer for earning from home.

People can pass on such informations to the police by logging on to or even in person.

Mr. Sylendra Babu said that in the last three months there had been ten such complaints regarding a Nigerian national Jude. He was arrested. He had cheated people to the tune of Rs. 22 lakhs.

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