It has been home to nearly 600 boys. A home that is a haven to boys who came from houses that have no parents or a single parent who cannot make ends meet. A home that ensures they walk out its portals as confident men armed with education.

PSG & Sons’ Charities ‘Manavar Illam’ has been such a home since its inception in 1995. Roof, food and education are all provided free of cost from the time they join from Standard VI onwards till they leave after school / college to fend for themselves. With an intention to bring many deserving into its fold, the ‘Illam’ is looking to admit more students so that they enjoy the fruits of quality education like their seniors do today.

Established under the patronage of the then Managing Trustee G.R. Karthikeyan, the ‘Illam’ is continuing to enjoy the unstinted support of the Managing Trustees who have succeeded him. From what the beneficiaries of the ‘Illam’ recount, it has been a home in the wholesome sense.

N.C. Nandagopalan, Secretary of the ‘Illam’, says boys who are selected to be occupants of the ‘Illam’ are admitted in the Tamil or English medium sections of the PSG Sarvajana School.

“Though they enjoy all benefits free of cost, the boys are consciously groomed to not only appreciate these but also contribute to society in some way or the other. They need not have to wait till they leave the ‘Illam’ to do this. Their everyday living habits reflect this. They are encouraged to use the refrigerator, washing machine and other appliances efficiently and without any wastage anywhere. Wasting food is a strict no-no at the ‘Illam’,” he says.

After Plus-Two, boys are admitted in any of the higher educational institutions of the PSG & Sons’ Charities. The occupants have to, however, bear the tuition fee expenses. But the ‘Illam’ staff ensure that they receive support in this. Today, there are some 40 alumni who are professionals.

Feedback from the alumni shows a grateful lot who cannot imagine themselves in the positions they are today if not for the ‘Illam’.

K. Kuppuraj is an exception who joined the ‘Illam’ only when he was pursuing second-year diploma in automobile engineering at PSG Polytechnic College. From a very poor background, he was able to get a merit seat in the college. But in a cruel twist of fate his father who was a driver was diagnosed with cancer.

He was allowed to stay in the ‘Illam’ and complete his diploma. When he passed with distinction, he joined B.E. in PSG College of Technology in the lateral entry scheme to become an engineer. He has just finished his degree and has totally spent five years in the ‘Illam’. He is grateful to his faculty, the management, the Managing Trustee and the PSG Tech alumni who have time and again helped him pay the fee.

Since he had to discontinue school education for three years, his age did not allow him to take part in the campus placements and is looking for a job to uplift his family.

Many alumni of the ‘Illam’ have made a life for themselves and true to the grooming they have received have formed an alumni association to give back to society.

Those interested in referring deserving candidates to the ‘Manavar Illam’ can call 0422-2572310.

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