Work on to provide water from Aliyar, Pilloor schemes

Those dependent on Siruvani water supply in the city will have to wait till the engineers of the Kerala Water Authority get the concurrence of their Government to accede to the request of the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board to draw water below the dead storage from the Siruvani Dam.

When the TWAD Board and Coimbatore Corporation engineers raised the issue with the Kerala engineers in Palakkad on Monday, the latter reportedly said that at present they could continue drawing water till the storage reached 862.5 m (mean sea level).

The dead storage level is 863.4 m.

With the current storage level being 863.1, the TWAD Board has 1.96 feet water for supply to the Coimbatore Corporation.

The civic body on Monday received 21.50 million litres.

TWAD Board and Corporation sources said that they had asked the Kerala engineers to let them draw water till the water level in the Dam reached 858.5 m so that the residents of the 12 Siruvani-fed Wards in the Coimbatore Corporation did not suffer.

The Board’s Chief Engineer Nagarajan, Superintending Engineer Balakumar and Assistant Executive Engineer S. Sampathkumar participated in the meeting. The engineers along with the Coimbatore Corporation’s Executive Engineer K. Sugumar and Assistant Executive Engineer Gnanavel explained the difficulty they faced in supplying Siruvani water.

Chief Engineers Lathika and Radhamani represented the Kerala Water Authority.

Of the 100 Wards in the Coimbatore Corporation, only 12 are completely dependent on Siruvani water.

For a few other Wards, the Corporation by linking Pilloor and Siruvani water supply network, had arranged for Pilloor waters upply.

Efforts are on to divert Aliyar and Pilloor water to three of the 12 Siruvani-dependent Wards. Commissioner G. Latha told reporters that work was on to provide Aliyar water to Wards 89 and 90 and Pilloor water to Ward 14.

For the remaining nine Wards, the civic body had decided to micro-manage the water supply by closing valves to pump water to tans in elevated areas and then distribute the same.

In doing so, she had asked the engineer concerned to coordinate with Councillor and valve operators.

And through the Councillor, the civic body would keep the people informed about the water supply schedule in Wards 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 76, 77, 78, and 79.

The Corporation would sink bore wells and repair motors that were not functioning.

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