People of the textile city organised candlelight vigils, prayer and meetings and silent processions on Tuesday to pay homage to the two children murdered last week.

The city reacted with stunned silence as details emerged about the abduction, rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl, and the murder of her brother last Friday. The children were pushed into a canal. The girl's body was found on Friday night and the boy's on Sunday. Two persons were arrested for the murder.

Students, teachers and other staff of the Suguna RIP V Matriculation School, where they studied, were seen sobbing for most part of the morning even as a service was on. The school opened on Tuesday.

The local traders' association held a condolence meeting. Angry relatives raised their voice as a local Minister tried to console the family at their residence.

The City police have instructed removal of all sun control films from public transport vehicles by November 10. Had this been done, there would have been a greater chance of people noticing the children in the vehicle when they were being tortured, the police claim.

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